review of radiant star apartelle tagaytay

Review: Radiant Star Apartelle Tagaytay

Do you have Php 2,500 to spare for a one-night accommodation in Tagaytay? Spend it anywhere you like, just NOT at the Radiant Star Apartelle. Here’s why. 1. Safety The door of the room we stayed in has a lock and a security latch. (See image below.) But it was only in the morning that we discovered the lock was broken. So aside from the sec [Read More...]
Pack of Fake Marlboro Menthol

Is This a Pack of Fake Marlboro Menthol?

In the images below, you can see two packs of Marlboro Menthol placed side by side for comparison. According to my mother and her smoker friend, these two Marlboros are different. One is “fake” and another is the “original” one. How different are these? For the unsuspecting smoker, the box of the allegedly fake Marlboro lo [Read More...]
Urbandub Endless Concert

Farewell for Now, Urbandub

Even though we got soaked, my friend and I managed to have a wonderful time at Urbandub‘s “Endless” concert last May 9th. The concert is to celebrate Urbandub’s 15 years in the industry. It’s also the band’s final concert with all original members together. You read it right. First, it’s Kamikazee. N [Read More...]
Skypasada Flights to Basco Batanes

Batanes Flights via

I read that via Philippine Airlines (PAL), you CAN book a very affordable flight. This guy spent only Php 1757 for a two-way ticket. Impressive! But aside from PAL and Skyjet Air, you can also book Batanes flights via I learned this while waiting for my aunt at the airport in Tuguegarao. The lady, a receptionist (?) of the Civil Avia [Read More...]
Mauban to Cagbalete Passenger Boat Option

Mauban to Cagbalete Boat Options

Going to Cagbalete via public transport? Here’s how we did it: JAC Liner from Cubao (Kamias) to Lucena; ordinary bus from Lucena to Mauban; and a boat ride from Mauban to Cagbalete. There’s a JAC Liner bus from Cubao to Mauban in case you want another option. Sounds easy right? You bet, but pay attention to what I’m going to say n [Read More...]