Partying at Illuzion Club Bangla Road

A Night of Partying in Bangla Road, Phuket

December 8, 2016 – It was our last night in Phuket. My friends and I were determined to have a good time, so we headed over to Patong‘s (in)famous Bangla Road. Credits: Images used with permission from my friends, Drake and Reich; videos are mine Pingpong Show? No, Thanks! The night before, we discovered Bangla by accident, as we turne [Read More...]
Urbandub Endless Concert

Farewell for Now, Urbandub

Even though we got soaked, my friend and I managed to have a wonderful time at Urbandub‘s “Endless” concert last May 9th. The concert is to celebrate Urbandub’s 15 years in the industry. It’s also the band’s final concert with all original members together. You read it right. First, it’s Kamikazee. N [Read More...]