review of radiant star apartelle tagaytay

Review: Radiant Star Apartelle Tagaytay

Do you have Php 2,500 to spare for a one-night accommodation in Tagaytay? Spend it anywhere you like, just NOT at the Radiant Star Apartelle. Here’s why. 1. Safety The door of the room we stayed in has a lock and a security latch. (See image below.) But it was only in the morning that we discovered the lock was broken. So aside from the sec [Read More...]
pamarta bali infinity pool

What’s the Best Resort in Morong, Bataan?

Here’s the quick answer: book at a resort along Cabinto, preferably at Pamarta Bali Beach Resort. I was informed by our boatman that the long stretch of beach in Morong, Bataan (or at least the area we stayed in) is called Bali Beach. According to our boatman, Michael, Bali Beach is divided into three areas: Center, Boulevard, and Cabinto. Im [Read More...]