Farewell for Now, Urbandub

Even though we got soaked, my friend and I managed to have a wonderful time at Urbandub‘s “Endless” concert last May 9th.

The concert is to celebrate Urbandub’s 15 years in the industry. It’s also the band’s final concert with all original members together. You read it right. First, it’s Kamikazee. Next, it’s Urbandub. But is it really farewell for the band?

Based on what I understood from Gabby Alipe, it’s more like a hiatus. My friend and I speculate that the band is doing this probably because some of them may need to. Lalay, for instance, just had a baby. While they say it’s their final concert, I doubt that it’s really the end for the band. Rivermaya, anyone?

Whatever reason the band has, I’m almost sure they’re coming back. So… farewell for now, Urbandub. See you on your 20th?

Celebrities spotted: Sam Pinto, Saab Magalona, Quark Henares, Mark Abaya, and Led Tuyay (Kamikazee). We loved Kate Torralba‘s dancing at Urbandub’s 10th concert anniversary at the Music Museum. Unfortunately, we didn’t see her last May 9th.

Urbandub Endless Concert

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