Frog House in Phuket Has the Sweetest Owner, Stay Here!

Frog House Phuket Patong

We may have been given an unpleasant welcome that ill-fated morning of December 6th, but our Phuket trip ended very, very well, thanks to our short but sweet stay at the Frog House, a bed-and-breakfast located in Patong.

We weren’t supposed to check in at the Frog House. But because our flight back to Manila that day, December 9th, wasn’t until 11 pm, not to mention that we lost sleep from partying the night before, we decided to scrap our sightseeing plans and instead recoup at an affordable hotel.

If you’re traveling to Phuket anytime soon, book a room (or a bed) at the Frog House. You won’t regret it.

Here’s why.

1. The owner of the Frog House – a woman who I’m guessing is in her early 60’s – is simply the sweetest! She doesn’t speak English, but she’s always smiling and you can tell she’s a genuinely kind woman. Her daughter who helps at certain hours of the day is equally nice.

An Israeli guy we met at the Frog House shares the same observation. Here’s a picture of me with the owner. Too bad I didn’t get her name.

Frog House Bed and Breakfast Phuket

2. We only had to pay 100 baht each for an 8-hour stay in one of this B&B’s dorm-type rooms. The room has 6 beds (2 bunk beds and 2 single beds) with their own lamp, socket, and fleece blanket. It also has lockers and an AC unit. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have its own toilet or shower room.

Watch the video below to see what the room looks like.

3. They serve delicious meals. The actual meal is better than its image on the menu. Here’s a video of the cafe.

4. The owner also helped us find a taxi with a reliable driver. Although not successful, her attempt to haggle down our fare with the shuttle company is a nice gesture.

5. It’s within walking distance to practically everything in Patong – the beach, Bangla Road, shopping centers, and malls.

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