Going to Tabuk City? Here’s How

How to Get to Tabuk by Bus

Tabuk City is your first stop if you want to experience whitewater rafting in the North. Here’s how to get there by public transport. Point of reference is Manila.

1. By Bus

Two bus lines are available everyday, Victory Liner and Dangwa Bus Line. If you’re near Kamias, Victory is the better choice. If you live within Manila, Dangwa is better.

These buses go directly to Tabuk. Travel time is approximately 11 hours. The earliest bus leaves Manila at 6 pm (Dangwa).

Prepare at least Php 700 for fare.


You can run out of seats especially during the holiday season. Another option is to go to Tuguegarao and transfer to a UV Express van to Tabuk. Travel time to Tuguegarao is approximately 12 hours. Tuguegarao to Tabuk is about 1.5 hours, and the earliest van leaves at 6 am.

2. By Plane

Although Tabuk doesn’t have an airport yet (we heard they’re building one), you can take either a Cebu Pacific or PAL to Tuguegarao. The flight takes about an hour.

From Tuguegarao, UV Express vans are available. The earliest van leaves at 6 am.

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