Is This a Pack of Fake Marlboro Menthol?

In the images below, you can see two packs of Marlboro Menthol placed side by side for comparison. According to my mother and her smoker friend, these two Marlboros are different. One is “fake” and another is the “original” one.

How different are these?

For the unsuspecting smoker, the box of the allegedly fake Marlboro looks legit. But upon close inspection, you’ll see that it’s labeled “Menthol.” The original has a “Black Menthol” text on its box. Other than that, everything is the same (or very closely similar).

Also, a stick of the fake Marlboro seems to be less compact than the original. As for the taste, the allegedly fake Marlboro tastes bland — not old, but bland.

Is this really fake, or we’re just imagining things?

Pack of Fake Marlboro Menthol

Fake Marlboro Menthol

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