cagbalete drainage problem

Cagbalete’s Drainage Problem

It rained on our second day in Cagbalete. Guess what we discovered — the island’s poor drainage system. When it rained last Saturday, we saw how the collected rainwater and the waste that went with it emptied out into the sea. The water was black, and it smelled really bad. I’m almost sure every house has a septic tank, but itR [Read More...]
How to Get to Tabuk by Bus

Going to Tabuk City? Here’s How

Tabuk City is your first stop if you want to experience whitewater rafting in the North. Here’s how to get there by public transport. Point of reference is Manila. 1. By Bus Two bus lines are available everyday, Victory Liner and Dangwa Bus Line. If you’re near Kamias, Victory is the better choice. If you live within Manila, Dangwa is [Read More...]
vandalism in caramoan

Vandalism in Caramoan

“Anthony was here” and other writings are etched on a rock on an island in Caramoan. It’s a shame because Survivor (TV show) tries to project the place as an untouched and a truly exotic paradise. The photo below shows a rock in Kagbanilad Island, Caramoan, Camarines Sur. [Read More...]
pamarta bali infinity pool

What’s the Best Resort in Morong, Bataan?

Here’s the quick answer: book at a resort along Cabinto, preferably at Pamarta Bali Beach Resort. I was informed by our boatman that the long stretch of beach in Morong, Bataan (or at least the area we stayed in) is called Bali Beach. According to our boatman, Michael, Bali Beach is divided into three areas: Center, Boulevard, and Cabinto. Im [Read More...]
nabiag na bato mount samat

Nabiag na Bato is in Ruins (Mount Samat)

Quick! Someone restore the relief sculpture covering the base of the Memorial Cross at Mount Samat. I’ve learned that it’s called “Nabiag na Bato” by National Artist Napoleon Abueva. My friends and I visited Mount Samat twice this year. First, on the last week of January; second, on March 15th. In both of those visits, the s [Read More...]