Review: Meynard’s Resort Tuguegarao (8 Waves)

So on the 3rd of April, we went to Meynard’s Resort Tuguegarao. Is it any good? Here’s our take.

First, though, you need to know this. Meynard’s is “divided” into three areas: 2 pools (one with slides), and 8 Waves (a pool with artificial waves).

Also, Meynard’s has a main entrance, and each of the areas mentioned above also has their separate entrance, which you’ll have to pay separately to enter. There’s an exception though. If you opt for 8 Waves, you can get into the other areas for free.

8 Waves has the most expensive fee. We paid Php 190 for each adult and Php 120 for kids. The photo below shows the entrance.

8 Waves Entrance

Here’s what we don’t like about this resort.

– We don’t like the fact that at the main entrance, you have to pay a fee of Php 20 per person. That’s on top of the entrance fee for 8 Waves or the other pools.

– The 2 pools can get over-crowded. At 8 Waves, though, we didn’t have this problem.

– Rental for videoke is Php 1,000 for the whole day. That’s expensive, and I have to rate this a 1 out of 5. Here’s why.

When we got there, the staff assured us that we can rent a videoke machine. But when we came back after our morning breakfast, the staff decided to refund our money after we already got in — that is, after we already paid the Php190 entrance fee. This was unacceptable because there were a lot of adults in our company, and we went there purposely for the videoke machine while watching the kids enjoy the artificial waves. The staff said there was a problem with the sound system. But since we already paid, we didn’t want to look for another resort, so we insisted to see the machine for ourselves. The sound system was what they said it was, but we felt we didn’t have any choice, so we ended up with a so-so machine.

Here’s what we love about the resort.

– There were lots of parking spaces and cottages to choose from. Parking is free.

– The ambiance is okay for Php 190.

– At 8 Waves, the artificial waves are a good experience, although of course, it’s not really comparable with the real thing.

– We love how courteous the staff are although we weren’t satisfied with the videoke machine.

8 Waves Resort Tuguegarao

8 Waves Tuguegarao

8 Waves Tuguegarao

8 Waves Tuguegarao

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  • bong norte

    paemail naman po yung mga room rates nyo sa meynard resort po. check in kami sa july 4 then check out kami ng july 6.

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