Review: Radiant Star Apartelle Tagaytay

Do you have Php 2,500 to spare for a one-night accommodation in Tagaytay? Spend it anywhere you like, just NOT at the Radiant Star Apartelle.

Here’s why.

1. Safety

The door of the room we stayed in has a lock and a security latch. (See image below.) But it was only in the morning that we discovered the lock was broken. So aside from the security guard, the latch was the only one keeping us safe.

door of radiant star apartelle

2. Shower and Toiletries

Those looking for a built-in shower will be disappointed. Take a look at the image below. For toiletries, we only got a roll of toilet paper and two mini soap bars. There was NO free shampoo, toothpaste, and toothbrush. There wasn’t even a pair of flip flops. Front desk said these items are not offered for free. Too bad, one sachet of Sunsilk shampoo costs Php 30. Normally, this would retail for less than Php 10.

By the way, the shower’s drain got clogged. I don’t know if they have a maintenance department, but it was the guard who fixed the problem.

shower of radiant star apartelle

3. Wifi

Wifi is free, but we couldn’t use the service. It didn’t reach our room. According to the guard, the lobby has the strongest signal, which was disappointing because the lobby (see image) is just outside our room.

lobby radiant star apartelle

4. Outlets

The outlets are behind the headboard / bed. We literally had to move the bed to charge our phones.

5. Closet

We love the mirrors, but there was no hanger in sight. You still have to phone front desk.

6. Bed

It was okay. The sheets are thin, so during cold months, you’ll need an extra blanket.

bed of radiant star apartelle

7. Staff

The staff was okay. Just okay.

reminders radiant star apartelle

menu of radiant star apartelle

toilet of radiant star apartelle

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