So, You Wanna Pass UP ITDC’s Admission Exam…

Here are a few things to bear in mind.

1. The exam consists of 4 modules, and it lasts 3 hours.

Those 3 hours will be monitored (a timer is flashed onto a screen for your reference), but it’s up to you which module you’ll want to spend more time in. That said, use your time wisely. Note that when you’re done with a module, you’re NOT allowed to go back and re-check or change your answers.

Prepare for the following: Verbal Proficiency, Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, and Mathematics. When I took the exam, this order was followed.

2. You’ll be assigned a computer station for the exam.

You only need a pen (or a pencil) to solve the exam’s Math problems. You don’t have to shade circles or tick boxes. What you’ll do is “click” to pick the answer of your choice.

Before you start the UP ITDC (Information Technology Development Center) Admission exam, you’ll be given time for a simple registration process. Fire up your browser, type in the URL and password given, and then type in a valid e-mail address.

3. Bring a photocopy of your transcript.

Unless you want to submit your original copy, a photocopy is okay. Besides, you don’t know if you’ll pass or not.

4. The exam won’t be easy.

Before I describe the modules one by one, here are some general factoids about the exam. First, it’s in English. There’s nothing technical about it, but in some of the items, terms and concepts included are definitely computer- or IT-related.

In Verbal Proficiency, hone your grammar and sentence structure skills. You’ll be asked to choose which of the underlined is wrong. In another, you’ll need to arrange a series of sentences to make a pararaph that makes sense. Go over SV agreement once again because you’ll need it.

In Reading Comprehension, you’ll need to read a text (the smallest was one paragraph) and answer 5 questions about it. Reading Comprehension should be easy, but you’ll need to calm down. Many test takers flunk this part because they worry too much about the time. They think that skimming and scanning will be enough. But guess what, these techniques won’t work. You’ll still have to go back to the text and read it sentence to sentence.

If you’re like me whose college graduation was 15 years ago and did not review before the exam, you’ll find Logical Reasoning and Mathematics to be easy, yet difficult. You know you’ve seen these types of questions before, but you don’t remember how to tackle them. But if you do your best, you’ll see that many of the items are really just simple problems. You’ll need to recall formulas on how to solve for volumes, slopes, and others that I don’t remember.

Closest examples of UP ITDC‘s Logical Reasoning questions are this and these.

That’s about it. Good luck. See you in class!


  • Laila

    Hi! I am planning to take the entrance exam this coming July. Do you happen to recall the number of items per module? Thanks!

  • Cha

    Hi! Glad to stumble upon your site. Thank you for writing this, sir/ma’am. I’ve been thinking about enrolling in one of UP ITDC’s full-time certifcate courses but I’m a bit anxious about the exam. I’m a Management graduate thinking of shifting into a career in IT. We had a few IT-related subjects in Management but I’m sure my knowledge is below basic. Can you expound a little on how questions are IT-related? Is the exam more like the UPCAT/ACET or is it more difficult? Can you link more sites for close example of questions? Would love to hear from you.
    Thank you!

  • Reschelle

    Thanks for this. Can you give me more info about the Mathematics exam? Like what specific topic in Math do I need to know (Trigo, Geometry, Algebra, Calculus….)?

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