What’s the Best Resort in Morong, Bataan?

Here’s the quick answer: book at a resort along Cabinto, preferably at Pamarta Bali Beach Resort.

I was informed by our boatman that the long stretch of beach in Morong, Bataan (or at least the area we stayed in) is called Bali Beach. According to our boatman, Michael, Bali Beach is divided into three areas: Center, Boulevard, and Cabinto. Imagine Boracay‘s Station 1, 2, and 3. But of course, Morong isn’t as fancy and the sand isn’t white.

I’ve been to Morong twice, and for each trip, I have a different assessment.

On our first trip last January, we stayed at a beautiful resort called Pamarta Bali. It’s in Cabinto. On our second trip (March 14), we stayed at Phi Phi Beach Island and Resort. It’s in Boulevard.

Comparing the two areas and resorts, my friends and I loved our stay at Pamarta Bali. On the other hand, we would not want to go back to Phi Phi Beach Resort.

Here’s why.

1. Beach Quality

In Cabinto, the beach has waves and the sand is consistently fine with very few pebbles. In Boulevard, the sand is also fine, but it’s not conducive to swimming especially at low tide.

pamarta bali beach

2. Phi Phi vs Pamarta Bali

Phi Phi Beach Hotel and Island Resort is a much bigger place than Pamarta Bali Beach Resort. But when it comes to ambiance, Pamarta trumps Phi Phi big time. Pamarta’s infinity pool overlooks the beach (see below), which is a plus if you want to enjoy the sunset.

pamarta bali infinity pool

When it comes to customer service, we didn’t have issues on the staff’s attitude. At both resorts, the accommodating employees made us feel welcome. “Sir” and “ma’am” were used extensively.

The problem was when it comes to our requests, Phi Phi’s staff weren’t as attentive. Sure, they’d say yes, but they wouldn’t do it. For instance, we requested for toilet paper and extra pillow cases but we didn’t receive any even though we got in touch with their office twice.

Pamarta’s cheapest room is impressive. Expect a hotel-like room, so the beds are well-made, the room smells good, the airconditioning unit has a remote control, the TV was a flat screen, and the cabinet is spacious. You’ll even have a mini vault for your wallet. Plus, the showers are built-in, and you don’t have to bring your own toilet paper.

We felt that we were misled by Phi Phi’s advertisement. We first opted for their Superior Room, but the moment we walked in, we knew we were not going to be happy. It smelled funny, there was no toilet paper, the TV was old school, the shower was mounted, the airconditioning unit’s knob was broken, and it was a little dark. One of my friends said it looked “lonely.” Worse, the Wifi signal did not reach our room.

When we upgraded to a Deluxe Room, we were equally disappointed. And though we did have wifi access, it didn’t work.

What about you, what’s your experience like?

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